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Our Process


5-15 minutes
Relationships are important to us. During the introduction, we take the time to get to know you, the full scope of your project, and answer your questions.


5-15 minutes
We discuss paint failures around your home and the systems we use to fix them. This helps us customize the project to your needs and ensure the bid is accurate.

Writing the Proposal

20-60 minutes

We take detailed measurements of your home to determine the cost of your project. We uses these details to draft your customized proposal. When utilizing our services, color consultation is included at no extra charge.

Review the Proposal

5-10 minutes

We review your proposal together to confirm it meets all your painting needs. Once the proposal is accepted, we require a small deposit to secure your spot on our schedule.

What To Expect
From Our Painting Process


Scheduling and Color Confirmation

At this stage, we will confirm the scheduling date and finalize the desired colors. We recommend doing test patches for color changes. We can assist with test patches or matching colors. If you are having difficulty choosing the color, a color consultant is available upon request.


Powerwash/Clean Surfaces

This is done in advance to clean all of the surfaces to be painted or stained. We will need access to a working exterior faucet for water. Please remove any items or decorations around your home that you are concerned about or let us know so we can take extra caution. Some areas may need additional cleaning which will be addressed during the preparation phase.


During the preparation stage we scrape chipping and peeling paint, caulk gaps and cracks, fill woodpecker holes, sand as needed, trim or tie back plants, tap in loose nails, and perform any other specific prep outlined on the proposal. We prime all bare substrate that is to be painted. We ensure the protection of your property and a clean job site by using drop cloths, plastic and tape as needed.

Finish Coat(s)

During this stage we apply the top coat(s) with either the brush and roll or spray method. Again, we ensure the protection of your property and a clean job site by using drop cloths, plastic and tape as needed.


We keep the job site clean as we go and perform daily cleanups along the way. Upon completion of the project, a final cleanup is conducted.

Project Sign Off and Final Payment

Once the project and final cleanup are completed, we ensure you are satisfied with the job by having you sign off and then collect the final payment.

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