Gliding on Ice: The Charm of Parade Ice Garden in Minneapolis

Parade Ice Garden, nestled in the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a beloved community ice rink that has been a winter haven for skaters of all ages for decades. Parade Ice Garden is a cornerstone of Minneapolis ‘ winter recreational offerings with its inviting atmosphere, well-maintained facilities, and a commitment to fostering a love for ice sports. Minneapolis, MN can be seen here. 

History and Legacy:

Established in 1973, Parade Ice Garden has a rich history steeped in the tradition of ice sports. Originally built as an outdoor rink, it was later enclosed to become an indoor facility, allowing skaters to enjoy the ice in all seasons. Over the years, the rink has evolved into a community hub, hosting various ice-related activities and becoming a cherished destination for both aspiring athletes and casual skaters. Click here to read about Iconic Sculpture: Spoonbridge and Cherry Graces Minneapolis.

Facilities and Amenities:

Parade Ice Garden boasts two regulation-sized indoor ice rinks, providing ample space for various activities. The facility has modern amenities, including locker rooms, a warming area, and a concessions stand. The well-maintained ice surfaces ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for skaters, from those learning to glide on the ice for the first time to seasoned figure skaters and hockey players honing their skills.

Youth and Adult Hockey Programs:

Parade Ice Garden is a hub for hockey enthusiasts of all ages. The facility offers youth and adult hockey programs, providing structured and recreational opportunities for individuals to learn, practice, and enjoy the sport. The rinks serve as the home ice for various local hockey leagues, creating a sense of community and camaraderie among players and fans.

Figure Skating Programs:

For those passionate about figure skating, Parade Ice Garden offers figure skating programs catering to skaters of different skill levels. From introductory lessons to advanced training, the facility provides a supportive environment for figure skaters to develop their techniques, choreography, and artistic expression.

Public Skating and Open Sessions:

Parade Ice Garden welcomes the public to enjoy open skating sessions throughout the week. These sessions allow individuals and families to embrace the winter months by gliding across the ice. Public skating times are complemented by music and a festive atmosphere, creating a joyful experience for skaters of all levels.

Community Events and Tournaments:

Beyond regular programming, Parade Ice Garden hosts community events and hockey tournaments throughout the year. These events bring together the local community, fostering a spirit of friendly competition and shared enthusiasm for ice sports. From youth tournaments to adult leagues, the facility becomes a lively center for sportsmanship and community bonding.

Learn-to-Skate Programs:

Recognizing the importance of introducing people to the joys of ice skating, Parade Ice Garden offers Learn-to-Skate programs. These programs cater to beginners of all ages, providing expert instruction to help individuals build confidence and develop essential skating skills in a supportive and encouraging environment.


Parade Ice Garden in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is more than just an ice rink; it’s a community treasure that embodies the joy and camaraderie of winter sports. With its comprehensive programs, well-maintained facilities, and a welcoming atmosphere, Parade Ice Garden continues to be a place where individuals of all ages come together to glide, twirl, and score on the ice, creating lasting memories and fostering a love for winter recreation in the heart of Minneapolis.