Flat, Semi-Gloss, Glossy: How To Clean Painted Walls Without Damaging Paint

In truth, maintaining painted surfaces can be cumbersome. But if you want your walls to keep that beautiful look, you don’t have much of a choice, do you? At Revel Painting, we’ve refined our techniques over the years and gathered a wealth of knowledge on how to tackle everything from the stubborn coffee stain to the inevitable fingerprint marks on your walls.

Eager to learn secrets that will make your painted walls the envy of the neighborhood? Then, you arrived just in time!

Understanding Paint Finishes

When you enter a newly designed space, your eyes are immediately drawn to the color and texture on the walls. At Revel Painting, we take pride in our ability to transform spaces through brush strokes and the right choice of finish.

Choosing the perfect paint finish for a room goes beyond mere color selection—the finish can significantly influence the room’s luminosity and maintenance. We consider various factors like the room traffic, wall condition, and lighting to ensure the painted walls not only captivate but also serve the practical needs of the space.

Matte finishes, for instance, offer a non-reflective, modern look, but they can require more attention when it’s time to wipe off those inevitable smudges. On the flip side, shiner finishes, like satin and gloss, are easier to clean but unapologetically highlight any surface imperfections.

Preparing for Wall Cleaning

Before any painting can be done, we go through a compulsory preparatory stage. Here, we ensure the surface is clean as this allows the paint to adhere properly, to achieve that flawless finish. Our rigorous cleaning regimen rids the surface to be painted of dust, dirt, and oils. At Revel Painting, we guarantee that we handle every home as if it were our own, promising a result that is as durable as it is beautiful.

Cleaning Methods for Different Paint Finishes

Even after quality painting, life happens—with children, pets, or (quite simply,) time. Knowing how to care for painted walls sustains their beauty. Meanwhile, each finish demands a different cleaning approach.

For walls with a matte or flat finish, gentle cleaning is the way to go. As these surfaces can easily be marred by overly aggressive scrubbing, we recommend a soft sponge dipped in a mild soapy solution. With this sponge, rub the wall in gentle circular motions until it’s clean again.

For eggshell or satin finishes, more elbow grease can be applied. These are typically used in higher-traffic areas and can withstand a little more scrubbing. Here, a blend of water with a gentle detergent will do wonders for your wall.

Semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes are the champions of durability, and thankfully, they are quite forgiving when it comes to cleaning. A damp cloth with a non-abrasive cleaner makes quick work of sticky smudges and streaks.

Common Wall Stains and How to Remove Them

Our approach at Revel Painting begins with identifying the type of stain and the paint finish it has tarnished. For instance, gently dabbing crayon marks on a wall, with a satin finish, with a sponge dampened in a solution of warm water and mild detergent can work wonders.

For more stubborn stains like coffee or wine, the longer they stay on the wall, the more permanent the damage. Instantly blotting the stain with a mixture of water and bleach – ensuring the solution does not stay too long – is often enough to help your wall retain its integrity.

Meanwhile, for the more perplexing marks that no one knows how they got on the walls, we use our eraser sponge to remove all such stains, restoring the vibrancy in your painted walls.

Tips for Maintaining Painted Walls

Maintaining painted walls is essential to keep your space looking as vibrant as the day we applied the final coat. Here are a few practices to help you keep those walls pristine:

  1. Dust your walls periodically to prevent build-up that can embed in the paint.
  2. Address spills and stains promptly to avoid permanent discoloration.
  3. Touch-up paint every few years, or as needed, to maintain a fresh appearance.
  4. Use the right type of cleaners that match the paint finish.

We also recommend inspecting your painted walls regularly for any signs of wear or damage. This proactive approach allows for timely interventions that keep your living space in top shape.


At Revel Painting, we strive for excellence and believe the true marks of our success are the beauty and durability of the walls we’ve painted for you. Our clients are at the heart of our operations, and empowering you with the knowledge to maintain your painted walls is part of the services we are committed to delivering. Tired of drab walls? Contact us to transform your space today!

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